'A Place for Everyone' explores the human geography of a Rwandan village two decades after the genocide. Survivors and killers still live next to each other and a new generation of young Rwandans has grown up in a society that under goes a fragile reconciliation process. Filmed over the course of more than four years, "A Place for Everyone" portrays a generation of young Rwandans in their quest for love and hate, revenge and forgiveness.


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Director's Statement




  • Rwanda Film Festival – World Premiere, July 2014
  • Sheffield Festival 2014 – Videoteque, August 2014
  • Viennale 2014 (November 2014 – Nomination Best Newcomer)
  • Manya Human Rights Film Festival, December 2014
  • Quintessence - festival international du film de Ouidah, January 2015
  • 17th Thessaloniki Documentary film Festival, Greece, March 2015
  • Espiello XIII, Festival de documental Etnographico de Sobrarbe, Pirines Aragones, Spain, April 2015
  • Eyes and Lens Ethnographic film Review  Kino Electronic, Poland, April 2015
  • Visions du Reel Mediateque, April 2015
  • Festival International de cinema et mémoire commune, Nador, Marocco.
  • Gdansk doc film festival, Gdansk, Poland, June 2015
  • Rai International festival of ethnographic film, Bristol, UK, June 2015
  • 12th International Film Festival The Heart of Slavonia, Croatioa, June 2015
  • 19th Edition of Festival Resistances, Foix Ariège Pyrénées, France, July 2015
  • 10 screenings in Poland  by IRSE (Foundation Institute for Socio-Economic Balance) August 2015
  • 27th édition of thé États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas, August 2015
  • 3rd AegeanDocs Film Festival, October, Lesvos, Greece
  • Screenings in 10 Aegean islands,  September, Greece
  • 8th Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, October, Taiwan
  • 24ème Quinzaine du cinéma francophone, Paris, October
  • 9th edition of Docfest- Xalkida, Greece, October
  • 9th edition - Corsica.doc New Talent, October
  • Cinema ABC de Casablanca- CASA DOCKS,  October, Morocco
  • Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogota - Colombia 
  • Miradas Doc Market, Spain, October
  • Les Ecrans de documantaire son et image, November, Paris
  • FILMER A TOUT PRIX, 9th of November, Brussels, Belgium 
  • Documentaire sur grand écran, Screening and Award ceremony for Corsica.Doc Winners
  • Maison des Cultures du Monde, November, Paris
  • Festival du film documentaire- Traces de Vies, Nov, France
  • CHROMA-Premier doc, Aux Ecrans du Reel, November, France
  • Guangzhou International Documentary Film festival, December, China
  • Karama Human Rights Film Festival, December, Jordan
  • 9th Iran Documentary Film Festival-Cinema Verite, December 2015, Teheran


 Awards and Nominations

  •  BEST NEWCOMER FEATURE DOCUMENTARY -IAFOR International Independent Film Awards – Japan, October 2014)
  •  GOLD AWARD FOR BEST FEATURE - International Independent Film Awards  – Los Angeles, Jan 2015
  •  SHORTLISTED BEST TEN DOCUMENTARIES FOR 2014 - Les Magrittes du Cinema Awards, Belgium
  •  GRAND PRIX DE LA COMMISSION AND PRIX SCIENTIFIQUE - Nador film festival, Morocco, April 2015
  •  SPECIAL AWARD - Gdansk doc festival, Poland - June 2015
  • Prix du PREMIERE FILM- 34th Jean Rouch Ethnographique film festival, Paris, Nov 2015
  • ΙΒ- Images en Bibliotheques award/selection for French Public libraries
  • Prix du Public (audience award) at CHROMA-Premier doc, Aux Ecrans du Reel, France Nov 2015



   Upcoming Screenings

  •  France 3 via stella TV - 6 TV screenings from January 2016, Corsica, France

  •  IB - Images en Bibliotheques (selection for public libraries in France)

  •  Vouli TV Channel (Greek Parliament Channel), from January 2016

  • Cinemateca Portuguesa, 12th March, 22pm Lisbon, Portugal

  • Festival international du film Ethnographique du Montréal, 11- 20 of March, Canada

  • Festival international du film Ethnographique du Québec- 11- 20 of March, Canada

  • Festival du Film D' Histoire, 31st of March, Pessac, France

  • Mondes en Images Festival- France 1st April

  • 17th Thessaloniki Documentary film Festival, Greece, March 2015



a place for everyone

Press kit

Produced by AJC Productions, financed by Kultursektion Wien, Cine Art Steiermark, Angelos Rallis Productions. With the support of Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. In association with Austrian-Rwanda Partnership, Verein zur Vermittlung von kreativem Umgang mit Medien und Technologie and Almond Tree Productions in Kigali, Rwanda.


Angelos Rallis, is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who started his career as a theatre play director for the Greek National Television and Athens university. He then moved to UK to do research in visual Sociology in the Centre for Urban and Community Research. Since then he commenced a long-term project documenting London’s East End emerging cultures and communities. His work has been published in newspapers, and has been used by press agencies and NGO’s around the world. 

Hans Ulrich Gößl works as a communication specialist and audio-visual producer in Brussels. He studied communication science and European politics in Vienna, London and Bruges and worked as Austrian Holocaust Memorial Servant in Italy on the representation of the Shoah in contemporary film. Since 2007 he has been traveling to Rwanda with the Austrian-Rwanda partnership NGO. 


Director and cinematographer: Angelos Rallis
Co-Director and executive producer: Hans Ulrich Gößl
Camera: Joel Bocken, Matthias Förster
Editor: Matthias Förster, Angelos Rallis
Trailer/Contributing editor: Maria del Mar Rodriguez
Sound: Corantin Parmentier, Kayambi Musafiri
Sound mix and editing: Marie Paulus
Distribution contact: Hans Gößl (hu.goessl@gmx.at),Valérie
(distribution@ajcnet.be - http://ajcnet.be/) 


  • Original title: A Place for Everyone     
  • Support: Blu-ray, DCP, H264, Dvcam Beta, sp Beta digit, stereo 5.1     
  • Screen ration: 16/9     
  • Speed: 25i/sec     
  • Length: 60’     
  • Original language: Kinyarwanda, French     
  • Subtitles: French, English, German     
  • Year of production: 2014     
  • Facebook: A Place for Everyone